Noam Tomaschoff

Having split his time between Canada, the United States, and the Middle East, Noam has been able to develop a broad appreciation of the way comedy intersects with and affects social and political affairs throughout the world. He studied acting and filmmaking at NYU, and in addition to producing funny and topical satire, works at the live streaming news network Cheddar. 

Chelsea Frei

Chelsea is an actor, writer, and producer located in New York City. While studying Drama at NYU, Chelsea took classes at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts as well as Stella Adler. Her passion for writing her own material began when she was a Writers' Research Intern at Saturday Night Live. Since graduating she has continued to make her own work, including writing and producing Fuckboy Mountain, a short mock-trailer which got over 15,000 views in its first two weeks. Aside from writing and making her own work, she has also appeared in numerous off-broadway plays as well as working as a voice over actor.